Every Variant of Kunbi Saree Handcrafted Has Its Own Grace

Every Variant of Kunbi Saree Handcrafted Has Its Own Grace

Goa, a small state in India, is known for its sublime beaches and tourist spots. But there is another element that also gives it a unique identity: Kunbi saree. It shares a close link with the history and tradition of the state. Most natives of Goa, the majority of whom are tribals, consider it close to their heart.

Not only natives but Kunbi sarees also draw the attention of visitors. Despite its various forms, all its variants distinctively symbolize grace. It is named after Kunbi which is one of the oldest tribes of Goa. Other than Kunbi, the women from the Gawda tribe also wear it.

The tradition of wearing this saree briefly stopped for a few years following the arrival of the Portuguese. But the Kunbi tradition was restored all over again after their departure in 1961. The arrival of the Portuguese made way for new styles of Kunbi saree. As a result, women in Goa wear this saree in both traditional and modern styles. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the styles of Kunbi saree.

Different types of Kunbi sarees

While Kunbi sarees come across in different colour options these days, a chequered pattern is a common element that binds them together. The distinct colours of the body part and the chequered lines are one noticeable factor of these sarees. Chequered lines take a lighter shade, whereas the body part of the Kunbi saree has a darker colour. Its popularity can be attributed to fashion designers namely Wendell Rodricks.

To understand the colour difference of the chequered pattern and body parts of a Kunbi saree, you need to take a close look at each style.

When you come to think of it, the first style that comes to mind is the fiery pink or Navdurga style. Its main body part takes the lighter pink colour with a purplish plain design at the bottom. At the top of the purple crease, light purplish chequered patterns stand out in contrast to the light pink shade of the body. The consistency of the pattern featuring a single line both horizontally and vertically is the hallmark feature of this design.

Another style of Kunbi saree that represents the same pattern as Navidurga is the combination of blue colour and white lines. Thus, the only element that separates both these sarees is the colour contrast.

Kunbi sarees also exist in many other forms. Prominent among them include Kelbai Blue, Bhumika, and Shitalai. Apart from distinctive stylistic and design schemes, these sarees have horizontal and vertical check designs involving two or more colours.

Kelbai Blue has blue colour with blue and yellowish check lines; Bhumika has a combination of pink and purple colour in the body part with shite and light green horizontal and lines; Shitalai is a mixed bag of different colours.

Moving away from these variants, Kunbi sarees are also available in several other colours. These include Green (Hirvo), White (Dhavo), Red (Tambdo), and Yellow (Kesari). Black, Purple, and Maroon are the darker shades used in these sarees.

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